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SulusPay simplifies your cryptocurrency payments, combining security, speed and ease. Join the forefront of digital finance and manage your assets with confidence. Our platform is the bridge to borderless commerce.

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Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

Welcome to SulusPay, the only cryptocurrency payment solution your business will ever need.
Accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies across multiple networks.
Get crypto to fiat payments on your bank account.

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Cryptocurrency payment integration solutions for any occasion

You decide how to implement our cryptocurrency payment processor. Accept cryptocurrency payments by connecting your website to our versatile and well-documented API with white label capabilities.

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Buy, sell or trade your Bitcoin, Ethereum and more

Trade and manage your cryptocurrencies without hassle using our trading tools. Buy cryptocurrencies effortlessly with a credit/debit card or bank transfer and receive cryptocurrencies directly into your wallet, or sell cryptocurrencies in exchange for fiat currencies in your bank account.


High-priority security

Security features such as 2FA, login shielding and code card add another layer of security to merchant and merchant and user accounts.


Security in every transaction

SulusPay is a platform that guarantees your money in every transaction, with the most secure and reliable system on the web.

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